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TouchDesign product family starts now from sketch BIM tool. Create more accurate data at the very beginning of the design process easier than never before. Our misson is to make BIM easy. And it starts here.

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Spaces is the world’s first BIM sketch modeler app and also the first product in TouchDesign family.

Key features:

  • Sketch building spaces with iPad
  • Insert unlimited amount of information to spaces
  • Make versatile area calculations
  • Visualize different space types
  • Export plan as 3D IFC model
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All design information is stored in TouchDesign server. Designs are accessable by users within the company. No need to hassle with files.

Server structure makes it possible to expand TouchDesign features easily in future.

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StageComing Next

TouchDesign Stage will be web portal for your clients to check out the design and give feedback right into the model. It makes possible to ask additional information with ease and let the clients to make decisions with accurate numbers.

This is just the beginning

TouchDesign is more than just an App. It will be BIM platform for multiple user cases that communicates with IFC standard to others. What the next step will be is up to our customers. Tell us the problem and we will solve it. The next part may be just the tool you were missing.

Be the next generation. Join us now!

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